Additionally many businesses have also been faced with not just trying to attract customers, but employees! Sixty5 Media can help. Not only did our CEO spend a decade working in Emergency Medical Services, she has worked closely during the pandemic with county & state leaders on COVID-19 compliance and kept abreast of all guidelines

for businesses in California as they changed.

Work with someone who can

get you visible, get you

staffed, and keep you and

your business safe.

FINALLY! Sixty5 Media provides new and seasoned talent the opportunity to gain representation of a Talent Manager, Publicist, and Agent Cultivation all within the same company. We have your complete team working collectively to take your career or the career of your child star to the top!

Small Business PR

“When I was just starting off, people used to tell me that being an entrepreneur was all black and white. You either win or lose. You succeed or fail. But they don’t see all the stuff that’s in between. The hard work. The long hours. The close calls. They don’t see the GREY. I decided to shine a light on the GREY because being a hustler should never go unnoticed.” 

David Romo - Founder Grey Journal

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Talent Management

We know what your thinking...what does a small business have in common with a celebrity seeking public relations or social media management . The answer is...EVERYTHING! Let us give your small business the red carpet treatment and increase your visibility to enhance your brand. Want your business, film project or non profit event  endorsed by a celebrity? We can help!

Catch our own Jody Taylor LIVE Friday nights from 7-8 PM PST on 89.1 FM for her take on trending news, issues in San Diego, and industry insight.

With many athletes still being kept off the field and court due to the COVID-19 pandemic, solidifying athletic college scholarships has become an unknown. Opportunities to showcase what your student can bring to the table is a challenge an  every single opportunity matters more than ever before. Building a fan base will no rely heavily on social media since fans may not be allowed in the stands for awhile. Don't rely on one event photographer  to hopefully get photos or footage you will need, bring your own photographer to focus on your athlete. We will cover your student  for the the entire game / event, create a one sheet, submit their info to local press, and create an online profile with pro level social media all for less than two textbooks. For more info email or call Jody directly at (858) 699-0176


Covid Comeback Campaigns   

​​Since March 2020 so many businesses, entrepreneurs,

and entertainment pros have been challenged like never before. Now, as America is

​starting to see some of the guidelines and restrictions ​

  • Reality TV Personalities
  • Recording Artist
  • Film & Television Actors/Actresses
  • Professional Athletes
  • Authors & Speakers

For Anyone...Who Wants Everyone...To Know They're Someone


Grey Journal is an online publication that celebrates the leaders and entrepreneurs disrupting their industries. As a featured contributor, Jody has covered small business success and survival tips, hustle  strategies, and has taken on  hot topics like gun control, racial inequality, and national events. Click on the logo for a direct link to all of her published articles

lifted business owners like you need to get your business and brand back out there while still

adhering to the current guidelines and marketing to

a post-quarantine and post-pandemic demographic.


The media world is constantly changing and if you want to be able to get your clients visibility, you need to know what they are looking for and how you are going to make your clients stand out. With anything in life the best view is always from the inside so I have always made it a point to stay on both sides of the velvet rope. As the owner of Sixty5 Media I am honored to have contributed to main stream media outlets over the years like Sports Illustrated, OUT Magazine, Time Magazine, People Magazine, TLC Network and The Hallmark Channel.  Currently I am equally honored to serve as a featured contributor for two, national entrepreneur publications, What's Up Hollywood celebrity news website seen worldwide and the co-host and co-producer for an FM radio show that plays on 89.1 FM in San Diego and streams worldwide. on the Tune-In app. All of these partnerships give our clients at Sixty5 Media an edge by association or opportunity that they won't get with any other boutique firm.