Jen Welter has joined the coaching staff of the new Atlanta Legends. Read the new story on SB Nation

Jody Taylor-New Featured Writer

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Catch our own Jody Taylor LIVE Friday nights from 7-8 PM PST on 89.1 FM for her take on trending news, issues in San Diego, and industry insight.

FINALLY! Sixty5 Media provides new and seasoned talent the opportunity to gain representation of a Talent Manager, Publicist, and Agent Cultivation all within the same company. We have your complete team working collectively to take your career or the career of your child star to the top!

We know what your thinking...what does a small business have in common with a celebrity seeking publicity. The answer is...EVERYTHING! Let us give your small business the red carpet treatment and increase your visibility to enhance your brand. Want your business, film project or non profit event  endorsed by a celebrity? We can help!

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Meet Our New Celebrity News Media Partner


JUNE 2018

Our Alicia Champion releases her  heartfelt music video Freshman 18'

For Anyone...Who Wants Everyone...To Know They're Someone

Sixty5 Media becomes the official PR and Media Relations  team of the San Diego SeaLions women's soccer team.

JUNE 2018

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