Our Public Relations Services are available to individuals, small businesses, film projects, and special events.

Like anything... people won't "buy" what they don't see. You may have the greatest band, sell the best sushi, or be the best actress. If fans can't see you they won't buy your music, if sushi connoisseurs don't know about you they won't come and try your restaurant, and if Casting Directors don't see you have a following, it may be what separates you from the other actors in the running for the part you want. Visibility and social media is vital. Make no mistake...no matter who you are or what you are selling, your public image is vital.

We have four basic options for our PR services:

  • Individual or A 'la carte services
  • Project Package Representation
  • Retainer Based Representation
  • Online Reputation Management

With over 15 years of experience working with local and top name nationwide outlets, we are the company that can and will get your name in print, clean up damaged online reputations, produce and distribute captivating press releases to get you seen. We work directly with the best media, critics and professional bloggers in the indutry.

Event Photography


With three of our own media divisions and over five print publication partners; Sixty5 Media provides phenomenal photojournalistic coverage of everything from award shows, red carpets, behind-the-scenes of films, events, professional sport events, and interviews that are unique and seen by millions.  We provide celebrities with the utmost respect and professional courtesies and in return are granted with photo opportunities that other photographers simply don't get.

We also have top notch writers to compliment our photos for a higher likelihood of publication and posting.

Additionally, we provide  Social Media Reporters to any event. Sixty5 Media will cover your event with photos and Live Tweeting. There is no quicker and financially efficient way to get your event covered and out to your fans / customers. Even for large televised events like the Grammy's, you are seeing Social Media Reporting. To request coverage or submit your Press Release please send to info@Sixty5Media.com or fax to


Media Coverage

Public Relations

Sponsors are an a vital part for the success of large events and the survival of professional athletes. Having the experience in this area is vital. 

With over 11 years of direct experience is sports sponsorship solicitation, Jody Taylor was vital in the growth of women's professional sports sponsorships and to this date holds the record for largest cash sponsorship deal amongst three separate leagues and over one hundred teams nationwide.

Taylor's ability to seek out brands and partner with the appropriate athlete and event is almost an art form.

Equally impressive is her ability to take brands that are in need of visibility and partner with celebrities, athletes, or events to receive priceless visibility. If you have an event, a non profit, a team or are a single athlete in need of sponsors. Contact Jody directly at ceo@Sixty5Media.com  

Working in the entertainment business is no different than any other business; you need a Manager to oversee all of the working parts of your business, IE: your brand.

Think of Donald Trump's show The Apprentice. Who is responsible for each project-the Project Manager.

You need someone who is experienced in your industry and experienced in the vision of what you see in your future. We know from experience you will have a lot of industry offers from Talent Agents, acting and vocal coaches, etc. It is our job to select the very best for what your goals are and create a plan to obtain that goal. From creating a professional talent resume and/ or EPK, headshots, and building your arsenal of casting connections, interviewing and researching Talent Agencies that fit your needs and hiring the very best for you.

At Sixty5 Media we take your  Talent Management needs serious and personal, and understand this is a 365 24/7 position. Also, unlike most managers we have direct experience in launching products into retail, licensing deals and endorsement partnerships. If you are seeking representation, please complete the form on our Client Page and submit.

Red Carpet Production

Whether you have only seen them on TV or have walked them yourself, Red Carpets, also known as Step and Repeats,  make  ordinary events extraordinary. They are also a phenomenal way for companies to promote their brand / products. Imagine your logo or name illuminating  behind a red carpet that has celebrities posing for photos taken by media outlets or attendees who are using social media to Tweet or Instagram to thousands.

With one call we can lock in your date and then we take care of all of the work. From solidifying your event sponsors, inviting and credentialing the media,  securing the talent, and ensuring the step and repeat banner is created and the event is set up with professional level carpet, lights, stanchions & wonder wall or the S/R banner. Then removed at the completion of the event. We also produce Red Carpets for corporate events & small business Grand Openings. Here is a glimpse of what we did for the 2014 Reality Wanted TV Awards:


Having professional photos are an extremely important part of starting your entertainment career as well as promoting your brand.

Whether you are a new face in entertainment that need headshots or a seasoned pro that needs updated shots. 

A band that needs shots for their press kit, a small business that needs professional photos of their location, staff, or product, an athlete seeking sponsorship or preparing a college scout press kit, a soccer mom that wants photos of their child's game, or an amateur athlete that wants amazing photos of themselves catching a wave or scoring a touchdown simply for their Facebook page, we can help.

We understand there is no tomorrow or "take two" for your events. Most importantly,  that you need to work with a professional that just doesn't take pictures but captures moments. We provide all of the equipment and professionally edit your images upon completion that can also be tagged with your company or brand logo.  

Sponsorship Solicitation

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Talent Management

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